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Swimming Fun

We have had a great start to our 2 weeks of swimming. Our teachers are so proud to take us out on the bus and to the pools because we are so awesome! That's probably because our teachers are so awesome too... hehe.
Parents: At home ask me about what we are learning. Kids and Parents: Make a post about why it is important to learn to swim. 
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Wednesdays in TAW

On Wednesdays in TAW we get to have a lot of fun trying out different activities and learning new skills. At the moment we are learning about time for mathematics (including seasons and months of the year), we are creating maori patterns and designs with scratch art and we are learning about dance through different fairytales and fables. Here are a few photos of us enjoying these different activities. 

Technology Nearly Completed!!

Our learners in Te Ara Whanake have continued to create and produce chocolate boxes, sewing pieces and clay works.  Amongst other things, these have engaged us with using our imagination, working through steps, problem solving, practical knowledge, and working to time constraints. We have identified that these are all components of designing and making something. Here are some images of our finished and nearly finished work. What could you make if you attempted this again?

Technology in Te Ara Whanake

Things are getting busy in Te Ara Whanake! We have been learning about food technology, clay technology and soft materials technology. We have now each chosen one technology that we are learning more about. We are designing and making a Christmas gift in our chosen technology. Ask me about how it is going? 

Music in TAWOn Wednesdays we have fun doing lots of learning in different curriculum areas such as music, dance, art and drama. This week one of our activities was singing and playing a variety of musical instruments. We have been learning to create a composition using beat, rhythm and improvisation. We have even had some little competitions which have been very exciting.
What's your favourite musical instrument?