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Fitness in Te Ara Whanake We love doing fitness and know how important it is for our health, so even when it's raining and cold outside we take time to get active. We all get together and dance our way through some fun Go Noodle activities. We even have competitions sometimes. Check out how much fun we are having!

Today is our last day of having Miss Lynn in our studio as a student teacher. For the last five weeks we have really enjoyed having her to teach us new things including letter writing, health and more! We loved having your energy and smile in the classroom each day. We will miss you Miss Lynn!

Maths Time in Te Ara Whānake
Maths time in Te Ara Whānake is a busy and active time.
First we start with basic facts. Be careful not to talk. Everyone is working really hard to answer as many questions as they can in 6 minutes. We are aiming to get a better score than we did they day or week before.

Next we practise our times tables. We enjoy singing our times tables to help us remember how to skip count. Here is a link to one of our favourites. We can solve 3x tables problems by remembering this song.
This term we are learning about fractions. We are topping up our fractions knowledge by learning things like reading, drawing and ordering fractions. Our teachers are really pleased with how much we have learned in the last few weeks.
Now it's time to solve some fractions problems.  Our teachers give us real life problems to solve. First we have to figure out what the problem is. Then think about how we can solve it. We often work in groups …
Bowls in TAWWe've been having all kinds of fun learning how to play lawn bowls. We have been learning how to hold the bowls correctly and how to aim. It's been a bit tricky getting the bowls to go the way we want when it is such a strange shape and when they move so quickly, but we are getting better and better!

Arthur and Laura are pretty excited about winning the game!

Our Wish Day Treat, Toy Day!!! Fun times and laughter. Great to see us all playing so well together...Sharing and Respect :)